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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing means, you lease your databases, storage, applications or other computing services through a cloud provider. You pay according to use, i.e. only for servers that are really running

What is AWS?

With more than 200 services, Amazon Web Services has been the world's most comprehensive and most most commonly used cloud platform for many years.

Why migrate to the cloud?

You can change and renew your business model much faster and more flexible in the cloud. You can increase or reduce resources dynamically , also avoid hardware investment costs, instead pay only what they actually use.

Will I save cost with the Cloud Migration?

If you just copy your existing on-premise system landscape 1:1 to the cloud, you will probably not achieve cost savings. On-premise systems are often oversized vertically and only used effectively 20% . However, if you use the cloud correctly for your purposes, scale correctly, use modern serverless architectures, you can definitely save costs, especially in the Administration.

Can I do the Cloud Migration on my own?

If you already have a well-trained IT staff for the cloud or AWS, you can of course migrate by yourself to the cloud. If you and your employees have just registered your first AWS account have and you are about to take the first steps, we advise you to get professional help. At least for a while until the main services have migrated and your were able to learn best practices from your partner.

AWS or Azure? Which cloud should I use?

Make an analysis of your existing server landscape. Which servers do you want to migrate into the cloud ? Desktop systems can be ignored , you will not migrate them. If you run mostly Windows Server , a migration to Azure makes perfect sense. However, if you mainly run Linux servers, please keep them, save money and migrate to AWS.

AWS or Azure, which one is cheaper?

The prices for virtual machines and compute services are relatively similar for both providers. If you operate an identical system landscape on AWS or Azure, the cost differences will be limited. However, Azure customers use more frequently Windows Server instead of Linux, Microsoft Databases instead of MySQL or Postgres and generate on this way higher hardware and especially software license costs

Who is going to enhance my existing AWS setup and architecture?

SCC Brasil also does architecture reviews to check existing AWS system landscapes. We create in the process a report with all findings including improvement possibilities and measures. Main focus are Cost Savings, Security, Resilience & Use of Best Practices.

How can I save money in the Cloud? How can I save costs on AWS?

You can make huge cost savings on AWS with some smart choices. In general: use the correct instance type and size. Scale horizontally, not vertically. Stop instances that are not needed 24/7 , e.g. outside normal business hours. Save with Saving Plans and Spot or Reserved Instances. Use serverless and avoid transfer costs with VPC endpoints. We gladly advise you on this!

How do I migrate to the Cloud? How do I migrate to AWS?

That depends on what exactly you want to migrate to the cloud. storage, backup, applications, databases etc. There are various strategies for migrating your business solutions, also known as the 7 R's : refactor, replatform, repurchase, rehost, relocate, retain, and retire. You must choose the best strategy for your use case. You find more informations on this in our blog

Is Cloud really secure?

Properly configured, AWS and the cloud in general offers excellent security and even even more options to protect your data and workloads as On Premise. However, there is a lot of know-how in this topic and you must follow best practices. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with you, to use the appropriate security measures properly. Please take a look in our blog to read more about this important topic:
Security Best practices on AWS

Will I need just 1 AWS account or more?

This also depends on your business model, but we recommend using multiple accounts and therefore the strict separation and thus isolation of different stages, environments or customer solutions. You can find more information on this in our blog..

Which company should I contract for my Cloud Migration?

Of course SCC Brasil. We accompany you step by step on your journey to the cloud, consult you, train your team during the migration and carefully document all steps for you, so that after the migration you are ready to maintain or expand your infrastructure in the cloud on our own