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Ogulo is an established brand for virtual reality in the real estate industry in Germany, and their solutions create an unique VR experience
where customers can see the full potential of a property, from anywhere in the world.
With more than 5K clients worldwide, Ogulo provide simple and affordable tools and services that help the real estate market to be efficient and innovative
Have a look on their solutions on the Ogulo website

See also one of their Virtual Tours here:

SCC Brasil worked together with the Ogulo IT Team to implement the services that will provide the best fit to the Ogulo needs in regards to Cloud Infrastructure.
Ogulo was already using AWS, and the focus of the consultancy was their need to implement IaC (Cloudformation) and others best practices, like multi-account structure,
Disaster Recovery improving RTO and RPO, and also improve the Database performance with the migration to AuroraDB.
Services used were: Fargate, ElasticBeanstalk, RDS, Lambda, S3, CloudFront and more.

We focused together with Ogulo on deploying the services into dedicated stage accounts,
the separation in these dedicated accounts helped to apply the principle of least privilage,
for example restricting the permissions for the LIVE Account
Also consolidated billing helped the management to monitor the aws costs on a better

We also deploy every resource strict with IaC ( mostly CloudFormation ), using parameterized Stacks for all accounts and stages.
These Cloudformation Templates were managed using Git and deployed via Pipelines in Bitbucket, to ensure stability and control on maintaining the infrastructure.
Also in the process to enhance the RTO AND RPO we defined together with the client the backup strategy for RDS and S3
Strict usage of IaC is already an important step to a better RTO for re-creating the resources.
Some other small changes where introduced, like usage of Loadbalancers, Snapshots, Replication and so on.

In our blog page you can find some of the strategies and best practices used.

-Migrate and Optimize to new AWS Account Structure
-Code organization using Clouformation
-Define Desaster Recovery Strategy and improve RPO and RTO

We are happy to be able to support the Ogulo Team on their Cloud journey, it was a lot of fun to work with the well skilled team, we want to thank in special Daniel and Christian and hope all the Best for them in the future.

"Thank you very much for the friendly, good & reliable cooperation. The guys from SCC Brasil advised us on the migration from EC2 to Fargate and supported us in many implementations regarding AWS. Without the support of Wolfgang & Daniel, we would never been able to complete the project in such a good quality. I wouldn't want to miss them. The cooperation is very professional. I can highly recommend SCC Brasil without any restrictions. Good job!"

- Daniel-André Trezek (CTO)



Wolfgang Unger

AWS Architect & Developer

6 x AWS Certified

1 x Azure Certified

A Cloud Guru Instructor

Certified Oracle JEE Architect

Certified Scrum Master

Certified Java Programmer

Passionate surfer & guitar player